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 PLEASE NOTE:  Drive appointments are being posted frequently for students who have completed all of their class sessions. If you have any trouble scheduling on line please email us: CONTACT@PDACADEMY.NET and our Customer Service Manager will follow back up with you:)


Driver's Ed in St. Tammany Parish

Buckle up, put both hands on the wheel, and let Precision Driving Academy roll out the roadmap for getting your driver's license. With experience, incentives, and a flexible system of classes, our driving school meets your demand for superior driver education.



Schedule Your Class and Drive Times Online
Our driving school makes your signing up for classes and drive times easy with our an online scheduling system.

Vehicle Care & Emergency Course
Learn the basics of vehicle care and what to do in an emergency.

DMV Road Skill Test
No need to take your road test with the DMV; you can do it at our Mandeville driving school.

Written State Test
Our driving school also provides the written state test.

Pick-Up & Drop-Off Services
You have the option for our driving school to pick you up for scheduled drive times (within 12 miles of our Mandeville officel).

Complete Teen Driver Ed
We offer comprehensive driver education packages for teens that include the required 30 hours of classroom and 8 hours of behind-the-wheel training. Plus, you can take the written and road skills tests right at our driving school.

Adult 14 Hour Pre-Licensing Course
We offer comprehensive driver education packages for adults that include the required 6 hours of classroom and 8 hours of hours of behind-the-wheel training. Plus, you can take the written and road skills tests right at our driving school.

Ticket Deferral / Defensive Driving Course
This course is designed for drivers wishing to lower insurance rates or remove a traffic violation from their driving record.

Private Driving Lessons
Let us help you sharpen your driving skills with private driving lessons to help you work on specific maneuvers or driving situations.



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Defensive Driving Course


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