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About Precision Driving Academy

Not only do we want to teach you about driving, but we help you to become a confident, safe driver

Safety is our top priority. All of the courses at our driving school focus on using proper procedures and common sense while driving. It's important for us to help reduce the stress and anxiety that come with learning how to drive.

All of our vehicles are equipped with interior and exterior surveillance cameras, as well as GPS tracking systems to assure safety and quality during our instruction.

The quality of your driver education and behind-the-wheel training makes a difference.

We proudly display a level of customer service that surpasses your expectations. Our owner Dwayne Kern has 24 years of experience as a driver education instructor. He also possesses 28 years as a public school teacher, coach, and administrator.

Our driver education courses are more than just a piece of paper you receive. It provides you with a solid foundation for driving that you will retain and practice throughout your lifetime. No other driver education program on the Northshore  can match our quality, caring services! 

Our instructors are state certified under the Louisiana driving school guidelines and have extensive experience teaching students to drive.

Our driving school is state certified by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections.

Precision Driving Academy was founded in 2008 by Rick Gardache, Dwayne Kern, and Kerry Frederick Kern  to lead the way to improve overall professional, caring driver's education services in our community. We are forever grateful for the hard work and sacrifices Rick Gardache (RIP 1973-2017) put into Precision to help make us  one of the best driving schools in Louisiana!